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EQUIAM is a data-powered, quantitative investor systematically solving private markets.
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Data science meets VC.
Proprietary model
  • 120,000+ private VC backed companies assessed
  • 60MM+ data points ingested and analyzed
  • 80+ proprietary investment signals
  • Continuous and disciplined optimization of algorithms
Speed and scale
  • 8x larger deal funnel than traditional VCs
  • 3x faster deployment capability
  • ½ Typical VC fund life
  • Faster path to liquidity
Diversified & risk-focused
  • Investing in 30+ top scoring companies
  • Higher diversification than typical VC fund
  • Superior risk-adjusted returns vs. top-quartile VC managers
  • Lower correlation to public markets
Flexible deal sourcing
  • Structure agnostic (Primary & Secondary)
  • Sector agnostic
  • Access directly from issuers, other VCs, brokers
  • Continuous price visibility through secondary markets
Investors should conduct their own analysis and consult with professional advisors prior to making any investment decisions. Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment process is subject to change.
Our Approach
We leverage a universe of 60 million+ data points from private and public sources to methodically distill 120k companies into a dynamic list of 30 top targets.

Our proprietary, systematic process minimizes human bias and allows unrivaled coverage of the private universe. Our model is known internally as GENIUS which is an acronym for Gather Explore Nominate Interrogate Understand Systemize.

Our Investments

EQUIAM’s proven sourcing capabilities have enabled 70+ investments to date


Systematic, data-driven portfolio selection per our proprietary GENIUS model
Robust portfolio diversification. Each strategy has 30+ positions and is curated to minimize sector over-exposure.
Fast capital deployment. Rapid decision making enables 2-6 transactions/month.
Short fund life. Four year fund life is less than half the typical duration of traditional VC funds.

A Proven Track-Record

The EQUIAM Private Tech30 Fund (Fund I)

June 2019 Final Closing
Closed to New Investors
2/20 Fee Load
Multiple on Invested Capital
33 Months

No. of Portfolio Companies
No. of Exits: 20
Top 1 Percent

The EQUIAM Private Alpha Fund (Fund II)

June 2021 Final Closing
Closed to New Investors
2/20 Fee Load
Top 1 Percent
Multiple On Invested Capital
Top 1 Percent
Time since Final Closing
10 Months

No. of Portfolio Companies
No. of Exits: 3
Top 1 Percent

Fund III Now Live!

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All numbers as of March 31st, 2022. Disclosure: Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Private investments are high risk investments that may result in loss of principal.

IRR: The net IRR is the annualized return of Fund II applying a 2% management fee rate and 20% carried interest and net of actual fund expenses.
MoIC = (Unrealized Position Value + Realized Position Value) / Invested Capital

Disclaimer: These positions are fairly valued by the Investment Manager and have the discretion to determine the values. EQUIAM uses timely market data to value its portfolio. When valuing a particular portfolio position, we use the most recent: (1) closed secondary transaction, (2) preferred share price of a verified venture financing round, or (3) a recent publicly available mutual fund mark. If excessive time has passed (i.e., >12 months) since a market event has occurred, we will turn to traditional valuation techniques such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis or public company valuation.
Leadership Spotlight
EQUIAM was founded on the belief that a broader group of investors should be able to access the growth super-cycle brought about by converging and mutually amplifying technologies. Humans are re-engineering the world with disruptive innovation, yet traditional venture capital investing methodology hasn’t evolved in 70 years.

This makes no sense to us. It’s time for data-powered, systematic VC investing. It's time to reach a broader investor audience. Welcome to EQUIAM.

Common Questions

EQUIAM invests in growth and late-stage venture-backed private companies.
EQUIAM Fund III invests in the growth and late-stage venture-backed market.
Yes, if an investment goes public, Fund III will hold public securities. Typically positions are exited within 12 months of lock-up expiration.
EQUIAM Fund III invests in the growth and late-stage venture-backed market.
Fund III is open solely to US & International Qualified Purchasers.
For more details read our FAQs.
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