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What is EQUIAM’s track record?

EQUIAM has three active strategies:

EQUIAM Private Tech30 Fund (Fund I)

  • June 2019 Final Closing
  • 38 positions
  • TVPI (6/30/2023): 1.99
  • MoIC (6/30/2023): 2.00
  • DPI (6/30/2023): 1.76 (Top 1% among 2019 Vintage Funds)

EQUIAM Private Alpha Fund (Fund II)

  • June 2021 Final Closing
  • 34 positions
  • TVPI (6/30/2023): 0.90
  • MoIC (6/30/2023): 0.97
  • DPI (6/30/2023): 0.00


  • June 2023 Final Closing
  • 14 positions
  • TVPI (6/30/2023): 1.06
  • MoIC (6/30/2023): 1.17
  • DPI (6/30/2023): 0.00
What is EQUIAM’s investment team background?

Ziad Makkawi is the Founder & CEO of EQUIAM and chairs its Investment Committee. Ziad has 30+ years of investment experience in VC, PE, and global capital markets. He built and ran several multi-billion $ AUM firms, and served as Founder, CEO, and CIO of multiple financial institutions.

John Zic, Partner & Founding Team Member, is a trained data scientist with extensive experience in the VC-backed secondary markets. He is the lead architect of EQUIAM’s GENIUS model and is principally responsible for day-to-day execution of our investment strategy.

Arin Nazarian has over a decade of principal investment experience across the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries. Arin currently shares responsibility for the execution of the investment strategy and ongoing optimization of the EQUIAM GENIUS model.  Arin’s day-to-day duties also include identifying the top companies for EQUIAM to invest in and building relationships with brokers and companies to acquire positions for the portfolio.

Laxus Tat has extensive experience investing within multi-billion AUM quantitative asset management strategies. At EQUIAM, he has been integral in producing and applying quantitative research to drive core investment decisions, construct new signals, and improve the underlying logic and structure of the GENIUS model.

Joe Day has extensive experience in deploying systematic quantitative investment strategies across the public and private equity markets. While at Bridgewater his focus was global equity markets where he produced deep dive macro research both to help manage the $90+ billion alpha portfolio in addition to advising clients which are composed of the most sophisticated pools of capital in the world. While at Tribe Capital he applied this skill set to analyze and invest in early, middle, and late stage private companies across the globe while also co-leading the internal liquid crypto fund.

The above individuals constitute the firm’s Investment Committee which is the main decision-making body for all investment related matters including the GENIUS model and its optimization.

Please review Team section of for more details on the above and the rest of the EQUIAM Team.

Who are EQUIAM's 3rd-party legal, administrative, tax and audit partners?

Outside Counsel: Dechert LLP (for U.S. matters); Ogier (for Cayman matters)

Fund Administrator: Maples

Fund Auditor: EisnerAmper

Fund Tax Advisor: Cohn Reznick 

Please note that EQUIAM does not provide legal counsel or tax planning to investors. All parties are responsible for making sure they understand the benefits and risks of this asset class and any associated transaction.

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